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Privacy Policy

This Policy explains what personal information DB Promotions  UK / Talk Tickets and its group companies collect and how we use it.

Please read it carefully.Generally, we collect information about you if you:

Request information from us when you email or call us or purchase your tickets from us, when you email or call us, or use our websites, apps or social media. We use the information to provide better services, marketing and support to you and our other customers.When you, for example purchase tickets or contact us on the phone, we may ask your consent to use your information for certain purposes. It is not always a guarantee that we will ask and once you provide information to us it will go onto our mailing lists for you to be mailed again in regards to future events. You can specifically request from us that we do not mail you. DB Promotions UK / Talk Tickets or it’s group of companies never surrender or share your personal information with any other agent, event, venue or promoter. It is a strict policy of our company, we do not share.

As an authorised ticket agent, DB Promotions UK / Talk Tickets sells tickets on behalf of third parties who provide or sponsor an event, or who operate a venue where we hold events. We refer to these artists, agents, venues, promoters or sponsors from whom we obtain tickets to sell to you as our "Event Partners".  DB Promotions UK / Talk Tickets is responsible for the processing of your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We collect your information in different ways:
Directly from you. For example, if you register for a promotion, create an account, request information via phone, post, email or social media, enter a competition or free prize draw, download an app or buy tickets, post a comment on our websites, ask us a question, email us or interact with DB Promotions UK / Talk Tickets call centre. We may also obtain information from your employer in relation to a specific promotions that may have been extended to your company / employer.

From third parties. For example, if you choose to use an integrated social media feature on our websites or apps, the third-party social media site will give us certain information about you. This could include your name and email address. Your activities on our sites and apps may be posted to the social media platforms. This is not a commonly used process.

Information we may hold about you:
We use the following information for the purposes described in this Policy:
Your contact and account information.
We will hold contact information you provide to us (e.g. name, address, phone number, email, country of residence, preferred language) when you create a DB Promotions UK / Talk Tickets account, buy a ticket and/or participate in our competitions or promotions.Your payment and billing information.
We will hold payment and billing information you provide to us, e.g. credit card number and post code when you buy a ticket, in connection with the handling of your ticket orders. This information is then securely destroyed 3-6 months after the event you have purchased a ticket for has passed.

Information you post online.
We hold information you post on our website or on a third-party social media site to which we have access (including reviews you post or surveys you complete). When you post information online, you must not infringe the rights of others (including privacy rights) and you should be aware that others may use, tag and/or re-publish your information in ways that you might not expect (including in ways that are unlawful). You understand that we and others (including our Event Partners) may use and re-publish any data you post online publicly, on our website or when using apps or social media tools.Information on your preferences. We may collect information about events you like or products you buy or enquire about (e.g. as part of a survey or from your review of an event). We may also hold information on interests and demographic categories inferred from your interactions with us in order to provide you a better service and to provide you with more focused information. For example, if you buy tickets to a certain show and lots of people who went to that show also bought tickets for a different concert, we might send you information about that concert.Information from other companies.

We will hold information (e.g. your interests, purchases and household type or any information necessary to satisfy your request or fulfil your order) provided to us by other companies including our Event Partners.

We may also add information to your details which we have obtained from other companies or sources. For example, we may cross check the accuracy of the information we hold with other databases, or we may add demographic information. Much of this data is created using publicly available sources such as the edited electoral register or a publically available postal address list, or is derived from market research such as consumer panel surveys.Website usage information.

If you use our websites, we may collect information about the browser and device you're using and your IP address (this is a number that identifies a specific network device on the internet and is required for your device to communicate with websites). We might look at what site you came from, what you did and didn't use our site for, or what site you visit when you leave us.App(s) usage information. If you use our app(s), we may collect your GPS location or your device's unique identifier. We might also collect the type of device you are using, or the version of the operating system your computer or device is running. We might look at, for example, how often you use the app and where you downloaded it.

Email response information.
In relation to emails we send you, we may use cookies and other technologies, such as pixel tags to collect information on how you respond to such emails, for example, the number of times the email is opened or the links in them are clicked etc. We partner with third parties who may also use such cookies and other technologies in our emails. Other information about your interactions with us. For example, if you interact with us via a box office, email, telephone or social media (e.g. Facebook).

We may use your information in the following ways and for the following purposes
To provide you with products, services, account information and support. For example, we might use your information to confirm your registration for an event. If you give us your friend's information, we will use it to provide services you request from us. Before you give us a friend's information, please do make sure that you have your friend's permission to share that information with us.

To send you communications in connection with your transaction and events you attend. For example, we might send you emails about your account or a ticket purchase or ask you if you would like to review an event you attended. We might also contact you about this Policy or any of our other policies or terms.

To identify trends and interests.
We use your information to get to know what your preferences might be so we can improve our offering to you and so that your experience with us is more relevant and personal. We may combine information we get from you with information about you we get from third parties, including to analyse customer behaviour.To monitor and improve our products, services, and websites. We analyse your information to improve our understanding of you and our customer base in general. We do this so that we can make better decisions about our services, advertising, products and content, based on a more informed picture of how our customers use our current services, and to provide you with a more customised experience.

To prevent or detect unlawful behaviour or to protect or enforce legal rights.
For example, we may use your information to prevent ticket touting, misuse of our intellectual property (e.g. our or our Event Partner's brands), or fraud (including credit card fraud and fraud we think has happened during a sweepstakes or promotion or at an event) or other crimes.For security purposes. We may use your information to protect the security of our company, employees, our customers, third parties and/or our/their property (including any events you may attend and our websites) as permitted by law.

For market research purposes.
We may contact you as part of market research we are carrying out. You may choose not to participate.

For marketing purposes. Where you've agreed, you may be contacted by us by email, text message, telephone or other means with information or offers regarding our upcoming events, products or services (including newsletters).

As otherwise permitted by law.
In limited circumstances, we may also use your information for other purposes where permitted by law.

You have certain choices about how we use your information
When you create an account, purchase tickets or download our apps, we may ask for your consent in order to collect, process or use your personal information for specified purposes.If you wish to withdraw any consent you have provided to us for such use of your personal information, please contact us or tell us about your preferences using the methods described in this section.You understand that if you choose not to give us consents, or if you withdraw consents, you may not be able to take advantage of one or more features we offer.

In addition to contacting us, you can opt out in the following ways:
You can opt out of receiving marketing communications including newsletters. To stop receiving marketing communications, you can contact us via email. Post or phone to confirm your preference. Don't worry! Even if you opt out of getting marketing messages, we will still be sure to send you transactional messages. For example, we may still contact you about your orders.We may share your information with the following third parties:
Within the DB Promotions UK/ Talk Tickets family of companies.
We may share any or all of your information with our group companies for any of the purposes referred to in this Policy.

Our Commercial Partners:
If you purchase tickets to an event through a promotion or rewards programme provided by another company, we may receive and/or share your personal information with that company. You should read their privacy policy to learn how they treat your information.Our third party service providers.

We may share your information with third parties so that they can provide services to us (e.g. a mailing house, a courier) but where we do we will put in place a written agreement protecting your information.If we think we have to in order to comply with legal or regulatory requirements or to protect ourselves, our Event Partners or third parties. Where permitted or required by law, we may also share information requested by a government agency or other authorised body or organisation, to protect or enforce our rights or the rights of our Event Partners or third parties, or in the detection and prevention of fraud (including credit card fraud and fraud we think has happened during a sweepstakes or promotion or at an event) and other crimes.Any successor to all or part of our business. Where permitted by law, we may give a successor your information to use for the purposes set out in this Policy - and we may also give a potential successor this information - but only where we have taken reasonable steps to ensure the security and confidentiality of that information.

Our sites and apps are not intended for children.Our sites and apps are meant for adults. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children. If you are a parent or legal guardian and think your child has given us information, you can contact us.

We use standard security measures
We have security measures in place to protect your information. The standard security measures we use will depend on the type of information collected. However, the Internet is not 100% secure. We cannot promise that your use of our sites will be completely safe. We encourage you to use caution when using the Internet. This includes not sharing your passwords.

How we destroy your information?
We will hold payment and billing information you provide to us, e.g. credit card number and post code when you buy a ticket, in connection with the handling of your ticket orders. This information is then securely destroyed 3 months after the event you have purchased a ticket for has passed. All information is securely stored in that time. After the 3 month period, the information is shredded by either ourselves or our authorised agent.  Information that is taken to an outside agent is observed by our officers at all times and never left unattended. Our agent acts as a formal witness to the shredding of information. All information must be destroyed in front of our officers, we then obtain a certificate from the authorised agent to confirm secure destruction of all personal information.

What we ask for when creating an account for you.
When creating an account we ask you to provide your name, home address, an email addresses and phone number. If you contact us with a general query you can also do so anonymously but if you wish to discuss your account with us we will ask for information to identify and verify your account.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, complaints or require a copy of information we hold about youIf you have any questions or complaints about this Policy or any privacy concerns, or would like to request copies of the information we hold about you, please contact us. Please do not include your credit card number or other financial or sensitive information in your email.

To correct, amend or update information you have given us, or in order to withdraw a consent you have given us you can contact us via email, phone or post.

What we will do if there is an update to this policy
From time to time we may change our privacy practices. We will notify you of any changes to this Policy as required by law. We will also post an updated copy on our website. It will have a different date and version number from the one set out below. Please check our site periodically for updates.

Who we are
We are DB Promotions UK Ltd/ Talk Tickets and its group companies.
Last Updated: April 2016

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